Mammoth Lake Dive Park


330 N. Dixie Drive, F, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
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Mammoth Lake Dive Park

Mammoth Lake is where the remains of a Colombian Mammoth were unearthed, along with camels, a saber-toothed tiger, and other artifacts.  The Dive Park is open for divers, open water swimmers, and observers. Everyone must check-in prior to entering the property at the check-in stand. Diving is at your own risk, and waivers MUST be signed by everyone entering the park. Open Water Swimming, kayaks, and SUP in designated areas only. No fishing allowed. The on-site restaurant is home to a mammoth tusk replica and other historic artifacts.


Mammoth Lake Map
Mammoth Lake Wrecked Truck
Mammoth Dive Lake Clute
Mammoth Replica at Asiel's in Clute