Yes, you can hang ten in Texas!

Surfside Beach has deep water and long jetties that make for good surfing. The deep water is only eight miles offshore of Surfside Beach so it produces much more consistent surf than other spots on the upper Texas coast. The deeper water allows the swell to pass without decreasing wave size. The jetties block the south winds, focus the swell, and create defined surf breaks.

There are a few different types of boards available for rent or purchase in Surfside Beach to maximize your fun in the surf. Pick one and try your luck!

Surfboards are light but can still support you standing while riding a breaking wave. Longboards are thicker and wider so they are ideal for beginners. Experienced surfers usually prefer a shortboard since they are very quick to maneuver compared with other types of surfboards.

Boogie boards, also called body boards, are used for a different form of wave riding. They are made out of hydrodynamic foam for easy riding. Instead of standing on it you lay on top of the board to ride the wave with your body. Boogie Boarding is a fun alternative to surfing.

A skimboard is used to glide along the beach surface. The skimboarder sees a wave, runs toward it and upon reaching the wet sand drops the board and jumps onto it as quickly as possible. Once on the board, the skimmer must remain as stable as possible to skim the shore or prepare to make the transition to the ocean.

The kitesurf board is similar to a traditional surfboard but is usually smaller than a standard shortboard. You stand on the board and hold on to a large parachute-type kite and the wind pushes you across the surf.

Stand up paddle (SUP) boards are for those who want to stand up on their boards and use a paddle to push themselves through the water. SUP boards with planing hulls are good for maneuvering in the surf.

Surf lessons can be booked with the Surfside School of Surf or Surfside Beach Resort Services. You can learn the basics, how to paddle and sit on the board and how to catch and ride the waves. All lessons include water safety and training on the beach.

Timing is critical to catching quality surf on the Texas coast. Ideal surf conditions usually occur in the fall, winter and spring.

Not ready to take the plunge? Witness the Surfing Santas on December 21st. This group of Kris Kringles will try to catch waves and hang ten at Surfside Beach.

All vehicles driving or parking on Surfside Beach must display an annual pass in the front left of their windshield. Annual passes are available for purchase for $12. Free parking is available at Surfside Beach Jetty Park.