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Brazosport, Texas
Brazosport, Texas

Historically speaking, Brazosport is where Texas history began. It is where the group known as Stephen F. Austin's "Old 300" first stepped off the schooner "Lively." The schooner landed near the mouth of the Brazos River in 1821 bringing men full of hope, courage and the will to survive. They met the challenge of war that greeted them and achieved the reward that solidified them. After engaging in many hard fought battles, they defeated General Lopez Santa Anna (the leader of Mexico's army), and Texas became a Republic. Their hardships and sacrifices were finally rewarded with the signing of the Treaties of Velasco, which gave Texas its independence. Stephen F. Austin, a hero and driving force of the Texas Revolution, later died in West Columbia, Texas. Austin's body was transported down the Brazos River to Peach Point in present day Jones Creek, and buried in an honors tomb at Gulf Prairie Cemetery. In 1910, despite strong family objections, Austin's body was removed from his grave and transported by wagon to Brazoria and placed on a train, traveling to Austin where his final resting place remains today at the State Cemetery.

Lake Jackson Historical Museum
The Lake Jackson Historical Museum chronicles the history of the area through interactive exhibits from the plantation era to modern industry. Let Alden Dow explain why Lake Jackson's streets are named This Way or That Way. Abner Jackson Plantation site tours are offered through the museum. Closed on Mondays. FREE admission.

Alden B. Dow Office Museum
One of the first buildings constructed in the city, it housed many of Lake Jackson's firsts; including the post office, city hall, barber shop, and much more. The Office now houses the area's 1943 history. Experience life in a new town during World War II. Discover early printing techniques, the rationing system and solve a crime like local Cap Brown. Open the first and third Saturday of every month or by appointment. FREE admission.

Brazosport Museum of Natural Science Freeport Historical Museum
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Several blocks of early 1900 historic buildings surround the museum. A model of the old swing bridge is prominently displayed along with other historical memorabilia and photos. Call ahead for hours of operation. FREE admission.

Brazosport Museum of Natural Science
The museum contains the largest seashell collection in the South along with fossils, including dinosaurs and mammoth bones. Other exhibits feature Texas coastal wildlife and a unique jade and ivory collection. FREE admission. Closed Mondays.

Brazoria County Historical Museum
Located in Brazoria County's historic 1897 courthouse the museum has an extensive Austin Colony exhibit. It give patrons a definitive interpretation of the events leading from the earliest inhabitants, to the Anglo-American immigration into Spanish Texas, and through and including the Texas Revolution and Independence from Mexico. FREE admission. Closed Sundays. Stephen F. Austin

Stephen F. Austin Statue
The Stephen F. Austin Statue is a tribute to the Father of Texas. Located in the ten acre, Henry William Munson Park in Angleton, the seventy-foot statue is a reminder of the importance of Brazoria County's rich history.

Varner-Hogg Plantation
979-345-4656, West Columbia
This majestic antebellum home tells the story of its three owners: Austin colonist Martin Varner, sugarcane mogul Columbus Patton and Texas Gov. James S. Hogg. This property hosted sugar cane production, rum distilling and oil drilling as it transitioned through families. Closed Mondays.

Surfside Historical Museum
A display of artifacts and exhibits on the history of Surfside Beach, Fort Velasco, Brazoria County and Texas. Outside monuments commemorate the Battle of Velasco and sinking of the Acadia during the Civil War. FREE admission

Mammoth Lake Scuba Park/Asiel's
In 2003, the remains of a Colombian Mammoth were unearthed at this site. Shortly thereafter, the remains of another Mammoth, along with camels, a saber-toothed tiger, and others were found. The on-site restaurant is the home to the mammoth artifacts.

Schuster Home Museum
Built in 1917, the same year the city of Freeport was incorporated, the Schuster house was a special place for family gatherings and holidays. Large crafted columns supported the wrap around porch and two enclosed chimneys provided for wood-burning stoves. Ten foot ceilings and many windows helped keep the area cool. It serves as an example of family life during the founding of Freeport. Tours are given on the fourth Saturday of every month.

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